2014 m. gegužė 29 d., ketvirtadienis

New in

Heyy, guys! I was preparing for my exam and got really tired, so i decided to write a post about some new stuff i bought recently. All the goodies.
So to start with, the first piece i bought was the aurora skye leggings. I ordered them from dhgate.com and i can really say i am pretty satisfied about the quality. But also, like all the cheap clothes these leggings have one minus. They are a little bit seethrough, so i have to wear a longer top that noone could see my pink panties with elephants.
The black tank top with spinkes on the back, i bought from second hand store. Funny story, one of my friends have the same and she also bought it from SH. I can also wear it like a dress, because its pretty long.
White T-Shirt with a bird i bought in Cropp Town. It was a love from the first sight.
And last but not least, black top which says 'Awesome" on it and Parental advisory leggings i got from H&M, when i was visiting my boyfriend in Vilnius.Well, people looked at me like i'm crazy when i was wearing those pants, but whatever :D
So that is all of my latest goodies :D


2014 m. gegužė 20 d., antradienis

Last bell !

Heyyy, guys! I do not know if you missed me, but i finaly found something i want to share with you! So on May 16 i had my last bell or oficially my last lesson in school. I did not expected it to be so awesome. First, we decorated the cart with some girls, later we drove to a parking space which was next to our curator house. We rented some motorcycles and our teacher was driven by them to school. Then we all arrived at school. We had our last lesson and after this there were a concert which was a huge challenge for my feet because i'm not used to walk in heels for so long :D
After all this most part of the seniors drove to the party, but decided to visit my boyfriend in Vilnius. And now my exams are coming, i can't believe that the first one is already this Saturday. Hope i'm gonna do good.

Most part of senior together. Can you find me?


2014 m. kovas 4 d., antradienis

Leggings obsession!

Heyy! I was wondering what new i could write and i remebered that a lot of time passed sice i posted something about my clothing obesessions. And this time i am writing about leggings obsession! Leggings were always the most comfortable clout of all my clothes. I always wore black and simple leggings, but this year isaw a lot of colorful leggings and i could i would buy all of them. I swear. Okay,now i will show you to my opinion the most awesome leggings from Tally-weijl and blackmilkclothing. Let's start from Tally- weijl. Its one of my favorite shops ever. I would buy every single piece of clothing from there if i could.

I'm planing  to buy these "Hash" leggings for myself. But who am i kidding? I'm planing to buy all of them!

And there are some examples from Black Milk Clothing.

I hope you will like this, guys!

2014 m. vasaris 23 d., sekmadienis

100 days party!

Heyyy, guys! So i finally got pictures from my 100 days till exams party. It was last frinday, on February 14th. Yes, on Valentines day. And i can finally write a post about it, because posts without pictures are not a great post. First of all, there was a performance of our musical and when a party. I had so much fun! I had never thought that this party going to be so great! Almost all senior were partying till the end. Okey, as you can probably see i'm still excited about it :D But seriously i had so much fun! I guess that is it and i will write someting very soon because i have to put my stuff together and start blogging again :D


Can you find me in this crowd? :D

2014 m. sausis 10 d., penktadienis


Hey! It's me. This post is not going to be about fashion or my newest purchases. I'm really sorry that my mood is a little bit down right know and i'm so positive like i'm used to be. You know, guys, i have been so busy since september and all i was doing was studying. And i always was thinking that i have a blog and had a lot of great ideas, but i never find time to write about them and to share it with you. But despite this, you all, my lovely followers were reading and comenting on my posts and a lot of people were saying that they just found my blog and they love it. You know, you all make me smile and inspire me to keep moving. I really appreciate that you, guys, don't forget me and by writing this posti just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all my lovely followers ;**