2014 m. kovas 4 d., antradienis

Leggings obsession!

Heyy! I was wondering what new i could write and i remebered that a lot of time passed sice i posted something about my clothing obesessions. And this time i am writing about leggings obsession! Leggings were always the most comfortable clout of all my clothes. I always wore black and simple leggings, but this year isaw a lot of colorful leggings and i could i would buy all of them. I swear. Okay,now i will show you to my opinion the most awesome leggings from Tally-weijl and blackmilkclothing. Let's start from Tally- weijl. Its one of my favorite shops ever. I would buy every single piece of clothing from there if i could.

I'm planing  to buy these "Hash" leggings for myself. But who am i kidding? I'm planing to buy all of them!

And there are some examples from Black Milk Clothing.

I hope you will like this, guys!

2014 m. vasaris 23 d., sekmadienis

100 days party!

Heyyy, guys! So i finally got pictures from my 100 days till exams party. It was last frinday, on February 14th. Yes, on Valentines day. And i can finally write a post about it, because posts without pictures are not a great post. First of all, there was a performance of our musical and when a party. I had so much fun! I had never thought that this party going to be so great! Almost all senior were partying till the end. Okey, as you can probably see i'm still excited about it :D But seriously i had so much fun! I guess that is it and i will write someting very soon because i have to put my stuff together and start blogging again :D


Can you find me in this crowd? :D

2014 m. sausis 10 d., penktadienis


Hey! It's me. This post is not going to be about fashion or my newest purchases. I'm really sorry that my mood is a little bit down right know and i'm so positive like i'm used to be. You know, guys, i have been so busy since september and all i was doing was studying. And i always was thinking that i have a blog and had a lot of great ideas, but i never find time to write about them and to share it with you. But despite this, you all, my lovely followers were reading and comenting on my posts and a lot of people were saying that they just found my blog and they love it. You know, you all make me smile and inspire me to keep moving. I really appreciate that you, guys, don't forget me and by writing this posti just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all my lovely followers ;**

2014 m. sausis 2 d., ketvirtadienis

New year, new me

Heyyy, guys! Happy new year to you all! Have you all made your new year resolutions? Well, i didn't. Last year i didn't last year, i can really say my life had changed somehow. But anyway this year will be a bit different. I'm gonna graduate from high school, get in to uni or somewhere, finally get my drivers licence. So yeah, it doesn't really matter if i want to these changes gonna happen anyway. And also i really wish for all of you guys to have the best year of your life!

2013 m. gruodis 6 d., penktadienis

New in

Heyy, guys! I had bought some stuff recently and i thought it would be nice to show it for you! So lets start ;)
So it is pretty chilly outside and i actually kinda like it because i really like to wear sweaters! I bought this dark blue sweater from New Yorker. It is so warm with it! I really love this one.

Also i bought this this dress! I really wanted it and i finally got it! I actually wanted to buy it earlier but there were none of my size left, so i got soo up, but later i found it and i bought it. It looks perfect on me :D

Also my new combat boots. I can say  that i am not a fan of these, but somehow i really like them and no i just get off them :D 

And another sweater. I didn't buy this one, my mum made me this, and i really like this one!

So that is it, let me know what you think!